Spring is coming

The weather is finally starting to break.  Tentative blades of grass are pushing out through the mud.  The bird feeder is populated by Junkos, Cardinals, Doves and Nuthatches.  I still am keeping my eyes peeled for that predictive first Robin of spring.  Yes, after a long, cold winter, we are all starting anew.  And if I may wield that metaphor like a sledge hammer, so are we.

As noted in an previous post, The Boy and I had hit a rut.  The days had gotten tedious and the teacher tiresome; and tired.  We had days of waking late and staring at each other as the mind raced for something exciting to do.  Some days worked.  The question would be posed, “What do you want to learn today?”.  Occasionally we would get something good. “I want to learn about life under the sea!”, and after I stopped singing songs from The Little Mermaid, we read, watched and explored.  Other (most) days were less successful.  A weak attempt at creating a sense of excitement over something I was having little excitement over myself.

But, as happened in so many of the stories I read as a kid, inspiration came in the rabbit warren of a used bookshop.   A day of tension release, granted by also tense LW (Lovely Wife…Not Little Woman) led to wandering through bookstores.  And there, glowing like the Holy Grail, was a book entitled The Dangerous Book For Boys.  With eager hands, I flipped through its pages. How to build a Treehouse, Five  Pen and Paper Games, Insects and Spiders, a treasure trove of jumping off points!  Things to do, study and talk about!

In the first week, we made paper airplanes and learned how planes fly and how planes are made, studied the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, learned to tie five knots and attempted to make a battery using quarters and vinegar.  Today, we read about fossils and watched a video on the Triassic period.

So here we are, rejuvenated and excited to shrug off the stiffness of winter, and buckling down on a new “text” book which is opening up all new worlds of study for us.

Before the New Book

Before the New Book


Making a Battery using a Dangerous Book

Making a Battery using a Dangerous Book


Hooray spring!!

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