These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Sometimes, when things get especially bogged down, there is nothing for it but to turn to other people and read about THEIR lives.  So I thought I would share.

1) My blogging hero, since she is always funny and/or poignant (and she married my best friend, Mr. BPM, so that says something about her style and taste.)

2) One of my best friends has a very thoughtful blog on raising her kids (and her husband).

3) I am frequently stymied by questions about homeschooling.  Much of it is still foreign to me and I am learning as much as the Boy is.  So I like to turn to pages like this:

(There are some other great TED Talks about education as well by this guy.)

4)  For darkly humorous and deeply personal takes on raising a child with disabilities, try the book MY BABY RIDES THE SHORTBUS.

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