The Jedi and the Sith

(This is the third in a series written by THE BOY.  This writing prompt was of his own choosing, the expanded world of Star Wars)Jedi_vs__Sith_by_Kaelir_of_lorien

The Star Wars galaxy is huge. There are movies, a TV show, books, even comics about it. Here are some facts you might not have known at all.

For over 25,000 years, the Jedi and Sith have been battling for control for the galaxy. Jedi want freedom, peace and justice; the Sith want slaves, passion and a 100% Jedi-Free galaxy. Both sides, light and dark, are trying to get everyone to fight on their own side. The Jedi are the light, hoping for peace, and the Sith are the Dark side, hoping for slaves and power. With more Jedi than Sith, the Dark side needs the power for themselves.

Many people know 3 or 4 different lightsaber colors, but that’s not all. Few know about the lightsaber’s meanings. I’ll only do 7 of the colors. I’ll also mention Jedi and Sith as examples of users for that color of the blade.

#1: Red. Ever wonder why the Sith only use red? The reason is most lightsaber crystals grow on a planet called Illum. Both Jedi and Sith could not harvest the crystals in the same area. Picture a Jedi and a Sith of equal power going to the same place at the same time. Red crystals do not grow naturally. They are synthetic. Red crystals are also compatible with the dark side of the Force; so compatible that there is a chance that their opponent’s lightsaber’s matrix can get overwhelmed! This is a rare event. Users include all the Sith, Adi Gallia (a Jedi using a Sith color?) and Galen Marek.
#2: Yellow. This is the color used by the Jedi Sentinel. These Jedi go undercover, keep a low profile, and destroy traces of the dark side. You can see some in the last of the season 5 Star Wars: the Clone Wars episodes! Users include Plo Koon, Bastilla Shan, and Yarell Poof.
#3: Purple. Jedi with light and dark side relations wield this color. They can use aggressive forms with a lower chance of becoming a dark Jedi. Users include Mace Windu, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jaina Solo, Jaden Korr, and the Dark Woman.
#4: Gold. The gold blade is used by Jedi who use high Light Side abilities. Obviously, this is a rare lightsaber. Only used by Qu Rahn.
#5: Bronze. Once again, a rare color used by only two beings. Jedi who use this color rely mainly on physical strength. The only two who used it were Lowbacca and Freedon Nadd.
#6: White. This color is used by force users who have a narrow (thin) mind on the Force and serve a master. These were honestly common after Episode VI of Star wars. However, they were only used by all the Imperial Knights in the Legacy Series.
#7: Silver. This is the color used by very calm Jedi that rely on the force as a hole. While I do know there were two Jedi who used this blade, I can only remember one of them; Corran Horn.
A Sith destroying a lightsaber is rare, possibly being a 1 in 5 trillion chance of occurring.

The Jedi and Sith also use Force Powers when battling. Possibly the best known power is Force grip. This allows Jedi and Sith to lift objects ranging from pebbles to houses and maybe even planets! This would be great for rescue missions as it would clear rubble. I believe this is a great power and can come to great use.

Another well known power is force push. The push power can repel anything that can be lifted with grip, depending on the power the user has. It is useful for removing flying rocks out of one’s way, trapping targets, and disarming beings with weapons.

Force lightning. This is mainly a Sith power. Force lightning is when bolts of electricity shoot out from the user’s hand, ranging from rendering the victim unconscious to turning bodies to ash! Someone strong enough could use force storm, causing entire fleets of ships to get wrecked. I do not see any good use for this power, yet some Jedi use it.

Jedi mind trick: my favorite. This one only works on the weak minded, but it can get anyone with a weak mind to do what they want. This should not be used for getting money or having someone doing wrong causes. It should be used to distract, get someone to stop doing things that are unnecessary or to get soldiers who are looking for you to believe you are not yourself.

These lightsaber blade color meaning and Jedi/Sith force powers wrap it all up. I hope you enjoyed my essay on Star Wars.

(Find the information I have written down on Star Wars expertEvanova95’s YouTube channel: huge shout out to him.)

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