Check…Check…Is this thing on?

Hello?  Hello?  Can you hear me?

Sorry, I just have to wipe off some of the cobwebs here,   The cleaning people haven’t been in for awhile.  Let’s see, where did we leave off?  We had just moved from the mid-Atlantic to the frozen tundra, and the boy really wanted to go back to traditional schooling.

Well, the public school experiment was a bust.  The first part of the year was dealing with a non-stop bully, tears and despite wonderful administrators and teachers, a lot of frustration.

The new year began with a transition to a new classroom to get away from the noxious little punk (I know, I should be more understanding, he probably has a horrible home life, but my papa bear emerges when my son is hurt).  At first, things started well, and then the tears again.  He couldn’t focus, he couldn’t get his work done, he was overwhelmed.  Now he wanted to quit band and karate, two of his favorite things!  There were breakdowns and we were once again in the position of not knowing what was causing our generally happy child to be miserable.

The three of us had long talks, and we all came to the agreement that we would return to home schooling.  It would be a different beast here.   Lovely wife works from home and I am now employed, albeit with a very flexible schedule.  We don’t know the community yet.  So while we are not starting from zero, we are all having to learn again.  We are all having to learn how to learn.

Taran electronics1

First week of home schooling 2.0 Learning about electronic circuitry

Taran electronics2


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