It’s a Dog’s Life -ish

As punishment for using all of the data in the world, the boy has been tasked with writing some essays/stories based on writing prompts I have given him.  It is an excuse for me to get him to do something I think he is good at but which he hates.

Today’s prompt:  Write a story about a day in the life of a dog from the dog’s point of view

I am a German Sheppard. This is a day in my life.

7:00 A.M; this is the time I often wake up. My lazy parents are still asleep. I give Mommy a good kiss to remind her it’s time to feed me. I am so glad I did because she wakes up Daddy and we go downstairs for our breakfast.

They tell me they are going out to stay with strangers I don’t know and will be home for dinner. Wait. There’s bacon on the ground? It is my job for it to not go to waste… so I eat it. Then I saw that they left the front door open, and I saw Zeck outside. I burst out of the door saying hi. After we got together, we did activities.

We saw a lot of slow, tasty squirrels in out neighborhood. Only 2 were lucky enough to escape us. The rest we either ate or stored in our stash of food. All of a sudden, we see a toy. We run, grab, and play tug-of-war. This is what our ancestors used to do to settle arguments. We won twice each, and then I tagged Zeck. That signaled a game of tag. Zeck got faster the last time we met, because he caught up to me and tagged me. Luckily, we only had energy for one more tag each, and then I said goodbye to my pal, went home, and napped.

I heard my parents’ car; then I knew what to do. I walked to the door, waited for them to open it, and when they did, I jumped onto Daddy and gave him kisses. I was so happy to see them! They hugged me, but then went to stare at something bright and colorful. I wanted to join in so I leapt onto the couch and started cuddling. Then I see a cat. I have to get it so I run to the window and yell at it. It goes away, but then I feel really sleepy. I walk to bed, lay down, and go to sleep. What a day!


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