A Bittersweet Goodbye

There is a move on the horizon.  Due to way too many influences to go into in this particular forum, The Boy and I will be moving to my old hometown this summer, with LW and the mutt joining us in the fall.  This has gone over with the boy as well as expected, like an orb of Pb filled with He.  (We’ve been studying the periodic table – educate yourself)

Not surprising was The Boys reaction when we let him know about the move.  Tears, anger, and a full hour when he would not talk to us.  But he recovered.  One of the traits I have always loved most about him is his ability to forgive and return to his natural smiling state.  This does not mean that he is happy about the move.  If the word “Vermont” is mentioned, he tears up, but fights them back.

Of course, the biggest fear of moving, aside from just the trauma of leaving what is known, is parting with friends.  For the past four years, he has been walking distance from his best friend’s house.  And in the last year, through home schooling, he has made a number of close friends.  This will be a hard move for The Boy.  But with the magic of computers and Skype, he will be able to keep in touch with most of them and play online games with them.  And our homeschool friends are always willing to travel.

I know he will grow to love my home state.  There will be new friends made, more freedom to explore and be autonomous.  Autumn hikes, Winter skiing and Summer days spent at the river.

There is something a bit surprising, and I will apply my pop psychology to it.  (I took Intro to psych in college, I think I am qualified to answer any and all questions of the mind).

The Boy has requested to go back to traditional school when we move.  This has left me gobsmacked.  I love being at home with him, the good days and bad days, and I think he enjoys it as well.  But (and here is the psychology I promised) I think I get it.  The move is out of his control.  This is one thing he can exert control over, since we are willing to consider his educational preferences.

In the past year, he has made more friends than he ever had in either public or private school.   Still, he feels it is necessary to “make friends” by going to traditional (boring) school.  I have explained the downsides, earlier bedtimes, earlier wake ups, homework, all of the things we hated.  He remains committed though.  I will wage a soft battle here, introduce him to the HS community in VT, emphasize the benefits of being at home schooled.  But as the time comes, if he remains unswayed, we will let him go to school.  The agreement is that he would have to give it a full month, after that, we would pull him out again if he so wishes.

My fingers are crossed that he will want to.

Things we will miss:

Hanging With Friends

Hanging With Friends

Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum

Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum


National Zoo with Mom

National Zoo with Mom

Arlington Cemetary

Arlington Cemetary

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