Fighting Cabin Fever

The first version was a little rough and shouldn’t have been published. Fortunately, editing staff around here was kind enough to let me give it another shot.


It was cold this week.  Very, very cold.  The kind of cold that makes one think of moving to a warmer climate, like Alaska.  It was so cold, even the dog wouldn’t go it. The pup looked up at me every time I brought him out and asked if he could learn to use the indoor plumbing.  By Friday I was at wits end.  The cold had eaten at all my native patience, a precious resource at the best of times.  I hurled a coat at The Boy and a book (A small one) – Kids Love Maryland.

“We’re going to Alan’s shop,” I said, “Find something fun to do up in that area.”

Alan works in a pawn shop about 40 minutes north of us.  He’s become a pal, helping us find a lovely gift for LW, finding us good bargains on items, steering us away from overpriced…

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