Polar Vortex Effect

The Boy went back to school for real last week, I blame the Polar Vortex for any insanity that went down.

The week started out well.  We hit the ground running with reading, math and health.  We memorized a poem, learned about the National Park System and discussed the transition if Britain from the Romans to the Anglo-Saxons (I have some dust to brush off here, since I once did know it.)

But then it was REALLY cold out.  We huddled under the covers for an extra hour or so.  I am pretty sure that the cold was making our blood move slower, though I would have to check with the Boy to see if that is actually a biological possibility.  We moved like sloths around the homestead, no desire to go anywhere.  Outside it was cold and wet, inside was warm and comfy.  We made our choice.

We went to our co-op on a day that seemed to promise an end to the deep freeze, but the next day, the icy rain was back and the Boy and I were going through cabin fever.  Even sword fights (That counts as medieval study, right?) and NERF gun battles (physics?) couldn’t prevail.

So we left the house.  Lunch with LW and then on to ice skating – what could be better!  Well, it might have been better if Daddy knew how to read the hours correctly.  I got us there at 2:30, the time skating was ending, not starting for the day.


But we are back.  We have our schedule, I have my package ready for the County’s Home School Review – no sweat.  And the weather is warming up.  Onwards and upwards!!


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