Back to the Tech Grind

It is time for The Boy and I to get back to work.  While we didn’t stop working the entire month of December, we definitely slowed down our work schedule and some of Daddy’s rules went to the side.  But in the spirit of a new year, we have dusted off the cobwebs, cracked the books and are getting back to business.   Really.  I mean it this time.

The hardest rules we have involve screen time.  I am an admitted addict to screens.  More than one, LW has found me with a video on the TV, my smart phone in one hand and my laptop propped up on the edge of the couch.  Give me a pint of home brew and a plate full of wings, and I could stay that way for a week.  And the boy has similar proclivities.  I have seen him mimic his father, playing a game on his tablet while a show plays on the TV.

With that in mind, we have determined that Friday is a no tech day.  From sun up to sun down, we cannot touch computers or tablets and the phone can only be used for its intended purpose, to make phone calls.  It drives me batty sometimes, because I just want to check my emails, but he keeps me honest.  The Boy even created a punishment if either of us are caught using within the forbidden time – One extra hour after sundown when tech is prohibited.  At least I can still use my Nook!

One may have noted that sun up to sun down is ever changing.  And that’s the plan.  My hope (for both of us) is that as the days get longer, we get better at not staring out the window, waiting for the sun to set so we can turn on the the comforting glow of our machines again.

So what do we do when there is no tech?  The Boy and Dad can be pretty creative.  In the past, we have used these days as trip days or game days.  We both are trying to be better at casual conversation, recognizing that is something we need to be able to do around “normal” people.  The joy is that we get to spend so much good time together, or we can read or do creative play, anything that will get us away from our beloved silicone friends.

Don’t feel too bad for the boy.  He is still allowed 3 hours of screen time a day, which is very permissive.  We have friends who limit it to an hour, or even thirty minutes.  Recently that rule has been slipping as well, but after we chatted this morning about getting back into our regular insanity, he did not balk at that, which makes me think he knew this was going to come to an end.  As all good things must.


Building a Trebuchet takes no tech



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