Hello and Goodbye

2013 has come to an end.  Hallelujah!

2013 for the first half of the year decided to beat us up.  On top of the normal personal, automotive and financial struggles we like to call “life”, we were thrown the curve ball of finding a new educational platform for the Boy.  Fear, trepidation and angst riddled the family.  But we laughed through it.

Then something strange happened.  We accepted the new normal.  We met amazing and supportive people who helped us understand that this was not a negative.  The benefits out weighed the negatives.  We found new friends who, by all accounts, had it tougher than we did and yet could still lend a hand.  We reciprocated when possible, but for this year, for the most part, we thanked a lot of people.

We had family rally behind the curious new direction The Boy, The Lovely Wife and I were all taking.  I had colleagues assure me that I was still a desirable asset and that I could lean on them as friends whenever needed.

In all, we were reminded that the important things have nothing to do with Government Shut Downs, Twerking, or any one who is famous for being rich.  It is a trite and over used sentiment, but family and friends really do matter more.  And those we have in spades.

Bring it on 2014, we are ready to embrace you.

The Boy with one of our three favorite Aunts



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