Line? What line?

This morning, I asked the boy what he wanted to learn today.  “Science, music and PE” he responded.  Fair enough.  These are all real things that we have been working on.  Music is straight forward as he is preparing for a band concert next week.  PE will be taken care of tonight through his normal karate class (Dad’s recovering from a cold, so there wasn’t going to be any active physical exertion on my part).  So what kind of science do you want to learn about.  “I want to learn about erosion”.  This is the fun of the free range homeschooling approach. 

As we were down at the river talking about what causes erosion and the differences that and decomposition, I started to think about what we had learned over the past weeks.  A trip to Gettysburg gave us a chance to talk about the Civil War.  A Facebook post by a friend had us looking into what happens when you shoot a couple million volts into an acrylic block (very cool lightning sculpture).  With the Thanksgiving turkey still lingering on our taste buds, we of course talked about that, it’s history, current and individual meanings and how harvest festivals figure into other cultures.  We have talked about dialects, Tchaikovsky our favorite animals and what makes beer.


The Vermont monument at Gettysburg


Sunset over Gettysburg


Exploring the Effects of Erosion

I recognize we are walking a winding road of education.  Our path meanders from one thing to another based on what interests us, what catches our eye.  This is not the straight line of learning that I had in school, but is sure a lot more fun. 


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