It is a slow morning.  The government has shut down, the third cup of coffee has had no effect, and the Boy is doing his Math problems…and his karate.

Not unlike many people with ADHD, it is hard for him to focus.  I urge him to try, and he does his best, but hell, I have trouble keeping one thought in my…oh look!  Something shiny!!

Where was I?

On mornings like this, where sitting and thinking is very hard, the Boy switches between two of his favorite activities, solving math problems and working on his Tang Soo Do forms.  It is fascinating to watch.  After each problem, he will get up and do a strike or a particularly difficult maneuver (He’s working on Pinan 2 right now).  After this effort, he is able to switch back to the problems.

At first, this bothered me.  One should sit down, do their work, and then play.  But I can’t argue with results.  When I beat him into the seat, he frequently skims through the work, making careless mistakes.  But when he moves and leaves and comes back to it, he has gotten every answer correct and the work supports the answer.

I don’t pretend to understand the way my son’s mind works.  I don’t understand how my mind works.  And I know that this style will not serve him should he join an accounting firm.  But for my money, I love it.  We get the work done eventually.  And it’s fun to watch.

I need more coffee now.

Concentration when it matters

Concentration when it matters

Sometimes you just have to turn away before you step back into it

Sometimes you just have to turn away before you step back into it


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