Here We Go

This was not the plan.  My son was supposed to be in public school, like his parents.  He was supposed to suffer through with the typical ups and downs of all children.  He was going to excel at somethings, fail at others, and be fair to middling at most…like everyone else. 

We are not “Tiger Parents” or “Helicopter Parents”.  We want our son to be generally happy, to try new things.  But somehow, our incredible, intelligent boy, found himself a square peg in a series of round holes.

This is not overly surprising.  I was a square-peg in school, but I also grew up in a town where that was embraced.  But after three years of tears at public, and one year at private where he just didn’t quite fit, I decided to take the boy out of the standard school system, and mold his mind at home.   Poor kid.

I have never done this before.  I have taught theatre (a subject which holds no interest for the little man).  He excels in math (I haven’t taken a class in twenty years, and it wasn’t my strong suit.)  But with friends and internet resources, and a love of my child, I have no doubt this will be an….let’s go with interesting…yearImage

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